Shihang Welding Collaryour one-stop solution provider.

  •  Provide temporary corrosion protection
  •  Weld bevel preparations
  • Clamping lugs and bolts to assist in onsite installation
  • Third-Party Inspection Available

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welding neck collar
cuni inner flange
DIN 86037 Welding Collar

cuni inner flange
EEMUA 145 Welding Collar

cuni inner flange
ASME B16.9 Welding Collar

weld neck collar
weld neck collar

weld neck collar
welding collar din 2642

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Shihang Welding Collar

Shihang has specialization to design and manufacture customized welding collar per customers’ specifications, we welcome small quantity orders.

Shihang welding collar is suitable for use with wastewater and potable water in above and below ground applications. Our welding collar can be tailor-made and available across a full-size range to suit specific design parameters.

We can supply welding collar manufactured from steel plate and supply in accordance with AS/NZS 3679 or AS/NZS 3678, subject to size.

Depending on your specific requirements, Shihang can provide welding collar available in clamping lugs and bolts to assist in onsite installation. Moreover, Shihang welding collar featuring test holes and plugs, barrier coating system, weld bevel preparations, and many more.

Due to its unique features and characteristics, our welding collar can provide temporary corrosion protection and facilitate onsite pneumatic testing of the joint.

Shihang can manufacture welding collar using quality material and fabricated through a rigorous quality check at all stages of production to ensure the quality.

We can design Shihang welding collar in compliance with international quality standards like ANSI/ASME B16.9. They are sturdy, corrosion resistance, and durable. You can also avail of Shihang welding collar in customized sizes.

We at Shihang, we believe in long term relationships with our clients around the world. In fact, Shihang is known as a specialist in welding collar. We have the specialization and 20 years of experience to manufacture welding collar.

In China, we are the top manufacturer, supplier, distributor, and stockist of an excellent quality range of welding collar. They are all manufactured under the expert guidance of our diligent workforce.

As a highly experienced company, we can supply our customers with high-end welding collar and other fitting products. Along with our skilled staff, Shihang has a well-equipped warehouse to manufacture welding collar.

We can produce a large number of Shihang welding collar that comply with the different current standards. Choosing and selecting our raw materials is one of the keys to our production.

We have our own warehouse for welding collar manufacturing, so we can offer the best price in the market. Plus, optimized financial concepts can be offered on request as well.

Shihang is one of the leading manufacturers & exporter of high-quality welding collar to meet the customer’s ultimate requirements in the fields of chemical, petrochemical, refineries, fertilizers, nuclear power, cement, and many more.

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