UNS C70600 Tube

Shihang is the premier manufacturer of UNS C70600 Tube in China.

  • Available cut-to-size UNS C70600 Tube
  • Fully customized
  • Available in different size, shapes, dimensions
  • 100% meets the standards

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c70600 tube
c70600 tube
UNS C70600 Seamless Tube

They are great for coastal power plant and petroleum refineries. You can avail of our UNS c79699 seamless tube in different sizes, dimensions, and length.

c70600 tube
UNS C70600 Welded Tube

They come with different specifications.

c70600 tube
UNS C70600 Round Tube

Our UNS C70600 Round Tube is known for its excellent corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, superior tensile strength, and long service lifespan.

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Shihang 70/30 Copper Nickel Tube offers a perfect solution for the oil & gas industry, offshore, shipbuilding, heat exchanger, condenser, chemical industries, etc.
It is manufactured according to international standards such as ANSI B16.9, ASME B16.9, ASTM B466 UNS C70600.
As one-stop Copper Nickel Finned Tube supplier, Shihang can provide you weld neck ring flange for your varied applications.
For your Cunifer Tubing needs, you can count on Shihang manufacturer in China.

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  • Quality assured
  • 100% Eddy Current Test
  • Fulfill international and national standards and norms

Shihang UNS C70600 Tube

If you are looking for the highest quality UNS C70600 tube from China, you need not look further. You have come to the right place! Shihang UNS c70600 tube manufacturer and supplier has a wide range to offer.

In our factory, you can find a variety of c70600 tubes such as UNS c70600 seamless tube, UNS c70600 welded tube, UNS c70600 round tube, and many more. Depending on the applications, we have different sizes, shapes, and dimensions for the UNS c70600 tube.

Shihang UNS c70600 tube offers excellent corrosion resistance in marine saltwater environments. They are great for automotive, industrial, plumbing, and marine applications. Shihang UNS c70600 tube is great for weld torch tips, valve bodies, pump impellers, condenser plates, flanges, and so on.

Additionally, Shihang UNS c70600 tube is highly resistant to SCC. That is why they are suitable for marine condenser tube installations, especially where higher water velocities are encountered.

Our UNS c70600 tube sizes, shapes, and dimensions vary ASTM B111, BS EN 12451, EN 12499, JIS H3300 standards. In terms of quality, Shihang UNS c70600 tube is clean, bright, and smooth in the surface, no burr in the end.

In China, Shihang is the leading supplier and producer of standard quality of UNS c70600 tube for two decades. All of our Shihang UNS c70600 tubes is manufactured from the rich quality of raw material that is being procured from reliable merchants.

In UNS c70600 tube production, we make use of the latest technology and tools to ensure excellent quality products. We design Shihang UNS c70600 tube in various sizes, dimensions, lengths, shapes, and thicknesses as per your specific requirements.

Shihang UNS c70600 tube holds goods features and attributes which make it demanding the market. Shihang UNS c70600 tube is made an ideal choice for the customers.

We have the biggest UNS c70600 tube manufacturing in China and are ready to provide you a huge range of UNS c70600 tubes at reasonable costs.

Our experienced technical team helps in UNS c70600 tube CAD design, material selection, and specification.

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