UNS 7060X

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  • Corrosion-resistance
  • Heat-resistance
  • Excellent for desalination
  • Ideal for seawater piping system

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Shihang CuNi Tube
7060X Pipes

As your reliable one-stop 7060X pipes supplier and manufacturer, we have an extensive range of 7060X pipes stocks.

7060X Pipe Fittings

We have a wide range of Shihang 7060X pipe fittings precisely manufactured to match different application requirements.

7060X Round Bar

The Shihang 7060X round bar has very good resistance to brine water, seawater, organic compound, diluted non-oxidizing acids, salts, and so on.

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UNS 7060X

UNS 7060X is a copper-nickel alloy that has anti-fouling properties against sea microorganism and seawater corrosion. This material is widely applied to offshore and related industries including shipbuilding and repairing, natural gas, petrochemical, and so on.

The UNS 7060X material is annealed at temperatures between 593 and 816°C (1100 and 1500°F). They have also excellent cold working capacity, suitable for high-temperature service.

Furthermore, UNS 7060X copper-nickel alloy is used in areas where stainless steel cannot be used due to chloride stress-corrosion cracking and other parts requiring high levels of corrosion resistance.

For the machined and forged pump and valve parts that are utilized for seawater services, UNS 7060X material is the best choice. The UNS 7060X copper-nickel alloys come in different grades. So, they are great resistance to seawater corrosion due to the presence of a significant amount of iron and manganese. It is applicable for heat and water supply, ship, desalinator, chemical industry, etc.

Copper alloy UNS 7060X is seamless copper-nickel tubes of standard specifications for water desalting plants.

As a leading copper-nickel pipe fitting manufacturer and supplier, Shihang can offer you a wide range of UNS 7060X pipes, UNS 7060X pipe fittings, and UNS 7060X round bar.

We have 20 years’ experience in copper-nickel items production and 11 years of oversea market. Thus, you can trust the quality of UNS 7060X pipes, UNS 7060X pipe fittings, and UNS 7060X round bar we deal with you.

Shihang has produced flanges, pipes, and fittings with UNS 7060X materials for more than 20 years.

With our own copper-nickel pipe production manufacturer, forging manufacturer, wide range of stock, and high-level labs, Shihang is your good choice for alloy pipe and fittings solutions.

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