SB 111 C70600

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  • Corrosion-resistance
  • Heat-resistance
  • Excellent for desalination

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ASTM B111 C70600 Tube

Shihang ASTM B111 c70600 tube is widely used in the surface condenser, heat exchanger, and evaporators.

UNS C70600 Tube

Depending on the applications, we have different sizes, shapes, and dimensions for the UNS c70600 tube.

ASTM B151 c70600 pipe

Our ASTM B111 c70600 tube is produced by processes such as extrusion, casting, drawing, straightening, annealing, trimming, and other processes that produce a seamless tube in the specified condition.

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  • Hydraulic lines
  • Fish cages for aquaculture
  • Heat exchangers and condensers

Shihang SB 111 C70600

The SB 111 c70600 is a type of copper-nickel alloys which exhibits superior resistance to impingement attack. They are also highly resistant to SCC.

This specification establishes the requirements for ferrule stock and a seamless tube of copper alloys of a specified range of diameters.

SB 111 c70600 is suitable for marine condenser tube installation in place of Aluminum Brass where higher water velocities are encountered.

Shihang SB 111 c70600 is ideal in marine saltwater environments since they are excellent corrosion resistance. They are chosen for seawater service because this SB 111 c70600 copper-nickel contains 10 or 30 percent nickel.

The SB 111 c70600 prevents seawater corrosion, high anti-fouling properties against sea microorganisms. That is why they are applied to offshore and related industries like repairing & ship-building, natural gas, petrochemical, and so on.

Furthermore, SB 111 c70600 has also important additions of manganese and iron in order to maintain good corrosion resistance to the material. In fact, they are the primary materials for copper-nickel fittings or CuNi fittings as well as exchanger shells and condenser.

In China, Shihang is the most trusted manufacturer and supplier in terms of copper-nickel fittings, copper-nickel flanges, and copper-nickel pipes which comes to different grades such as SB 111 c70600. You can check our pages for copper-nickel fittings, copper-nickel flanges, and copper-nickel pipes.

For further details about the SB 111 c70600, we will provide datasheets for you.

And if you are interested in Shihang copper-nickel fittings, copper-nickel flanges, and copper-nickel pipes, you can contact us directly, our team is 24/7 available to assist you!

SB 111 C70600: The Complete FAQ Guide

Below are important facts you should know about SB111 C70600 alloy:

How does SB111 C70600 compare to SB111 C44300?

Both SB111 C70600 and SB111 C44300 are essential in the manufacturing of products that are of use in versatile conditions.

These conditions include rusty and high-temperature conditions.

They differ from each other in the percentage of their chemical contents.

That is SB111 C70600 has 90% copper, while SB111 C44300 has 70% copper.

Nickel is present in SB111 C70600 at 10%, while C44300 constitutes zinc at 30%.

These elements affect their performance of these materials in different products.

SB111 C70600

 SB111 C70600

How can you Identify SB111 C70600?

You can identify SB111 C70600 material by checking on its physical and chemical properties.

What are the Physical Properties of SB 111 C70600 Material?

SB111 C70600 material has the following physical properties:

Properties Measurement
Yield strength 105 MPa -/- 240 MPa
melting point 1099 – 1149 °C
Tensile strength 275 MPa -/- 310 MPa
Density 8.94 g/cc
Thermal conductivity 45 W/m-K @ 20.0 °C
Heat capacity 0.09 cal/g-°C @ 20ºC


Which other Materials can you use Alongside SB111C70600?

Materials that you can use alongside SB111 C70600 include other alloys of aluminum, copper, and other compatible metals.

How can you Test the Properties of SB 111 C706600?

The following test methods help in determining the quality properties of SB111 C70600 material:

· Hydrostatic Test

A hydrostatic test determines the presence of leaking points on your material.

This is critical when manufacturing products such as pipes and tubes for fluid flow.

· Pneumatic Test

the purpose of this test is to determine the maximum pressure point that SB111 C70600 material can handle.

This is through testing the material beyond a given pressure limit.

It is vital to check on this test as it helps in determining the pressure flow of fluid through SB111 C70600 tubes and pipes.

· Tensile Test

this test helps in understanding different properties of your SB111 C70600 material.

They include yield strength, flexibility, strain hardening, and elasticity.

Through a tensile test, you can understand these properties and better help in the fabrication of your material.

· Expansion Test

Expansion test determines the maximum temperature and pressure that a particular SB111 C70600 material can handle without rupturing.

Through this test, you can understand the temperature and pressure that products from this material can handle.

· Flattening Test

this test examines the maximum weight that a given SB111 C70600 material can handle without collapsing along its edges.

It is essential in determining the installation point of the products manufactured using this material.

Which Products use SB111C70600?

You can manufacture the following products using SB111 C70600 material:

  • Evaporator tubing
  • SB111 C70600 tubes and pipes
  • Heat exchanger systems.

Which Industries use SB111 C70600

Key industries that use SB111 C70600 material and its products include:

  • Water treatment plants
  • Offshore power plant
  • Oil industry
  • Food industry

What is the difference between SB111 C70600 and C70600?

The main difference between these two is the standards that inspect their quality.

SB111 C70600 has The SB111 as its quality standard in which the C70600 doesn’t have.

What are the Benefits of using SB111C70600?

The benefits of SB111 C70600 material are:

  • This gives you maximum functionality while reducing the overall cost of this material.
  • Versatile usage. You can manufacture different products using this material for different
  • Anti-corrosive. This allows you to use in extreme conditions without affecting their structure and performance. Such conditions include highly corrosive environments.

Are there any Limitations of using SB111 C70600?

SB111 C70600 pipe

SB111 C70600 Pipe


There are limitations to the use of SB111 C70600 material.

It costs a fortune to purchase this material, which is a limiting factor to its use.

The fabrication process of this material is also complicated without the necessary tools.

You, therefore, have to budget appropriately before deciding on the use of this material for the fabrication of your products.

What is the Chemical Composition of SB111 C70600?

Copper and nickel constitute significant elements of SB111 C70600 material.

Copper is 90% of this material, while nickel is at 10%.

Other elements present though in minor quantities, are zinc, lead, and manganese.

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