MIL-T-16420K Pipes

Shihang supports proper and high quality piping with its Shihang Copper Nickel MIL-T-16420K Pipes. We have a wide range of the Shihang Copper Nickel MIL-T-16420K Pipes in store. You just need to let us know what you want. Customers order for our Shihang Copper nickel mil t 16420 pipes or the Shihang Copper nickel mil t 16420.

MIL-T-16420K has two class. Class 200 and Class 700.

MIL-T-16420K copper nickel pipes

MIL-T-16420K Pipes Specifications

Specifications : ASTM B466 UNS C70600

Standard : MIL-T-16420K

Size : 1/2″ TO 20′

MIL-T-16420K Pipes Length : mainly 6meter or required Length

MIL-T-16420K Pressure Rating:class 200, class 700

Types : Seamless / Seam Welded

End : Plain End, Beveled End

 Grades : C70600

MIL-T-16420K Pipes

Shihang Copper Nickel MIL-T-16420K Pipes

Shihang Copper Nickel MIL-T-16420K Pipes come in different dimensions and sizes. Asides from that, we determine the chemical composition of each of our Shihang Copper Nickel MIL-T-16420K Pipes. We test all the Copper Nickel MIL-T-16420K Pipes in our labs to ensure we give customers value for money.

Shihang Copper Nickel MIL-T-16420K Pipe specifications align to the various needs of the customers relying on our products. Shihang Copper Nickel MIL-T-16420K pipe wall thickness chart showcases the different thicknesses that we have in store. Many manufacturing companies trust the Shihang Copper Nickel MIL-T-16420K pipes in their construction activities.

Shihang Copper Nickel MIL-T-16420K Pipes have the best anti-corrosion properties making them rather dependable in most of the sectors. The Shihang class 200 copper nickel pipes and the other standards have remarkable surfaces.

Shihang Copper Nickel MIL-T-16420K Pipe thickness tolerance stands out from the rest in the market. That explains why a large number of customers make their orders from us.

Shihang Copper Nickel MIL-T-16420K Pipes reach their respective destinations in wooden casings. We want our customers to get the best and these wooden cases help us achieve our set target. Order the Shihang Copper Nickel MIL-T-16420K Pipes that fit your particular needs and let us worry about the rest.

Shihang Copper Nickel MIL-T-16420K Pipes of different dimensions and sizes are available in large numbers. We employ our 55KN & 35KN extrusion machine in our production activities. With it, we process all the Shihang Copper Nickel MIL-T-16420K Pipe orders quite fast. We take approximately 30 days to process all the Shihang Copper Nickel MIL-T-16420K Pipe orders.

MIL-T-16420K (3)

MIL-T-16420K Pipes Dimensions

MIL-T-16420K Pipe Drawing

Outside diameter of pipe Minimum wall thickness Theoretical weight
nominal actual actual actual actual Lb/Ft Kg/m
inch inch mm inch mm
0.25 6.35 0.035 0.89 0.09 0.14
0.5 12.7 0.065 0.89 0.2 0.29
0.125 0.54 13.72 0.065 1.65 0.38 0.56
0.38 0.675 17.15 0.065 1.65 0.48 0.72
0.5 0.84 21.34 0.065 1.65 0.61 0.91
0.75 1.05 26.67 0.065 1.65 0.78 1.16
1 1.315 33.4 0.065 1.65 0.99 1.47
1.25 1.66 42.16 0.072 1.83 1.39 2.07
1.5 1.9 48.27 0.072 1.83 1.6 2.39
2 2.375 60.32 0.083 2.11 2.32 3.45
2.5 2.875 73.03 0.083 2.11 2.82 4.2
3 3.5 88.9 0.095 2.41 3.93 5.85
3.5 4 101.6 0.095 2.41 4.51 6.71
4 4.5 114.3 0.109 2.77 5.83 8.68
5 127 0.12 3.05 7.14 10.62
5 5.563 141.3 0.125 3.18 8.29 12.34
6 6.625 168.3 0.134 3.4 10.58 15.75
7.625 193.7 0.134 3.4 12.21 18.17
8 8.625 219.1 0.148 3.76 15.28 22.74
9.625 244.48 0.187 4.75 21.49 31.98
10 10.75 273.05 0.187 4.75 24.05 35.79
12 12.75 323.9 0.25 6.35 38.05 56.63
MIL-T-16420K (3)

MIL-T-16420K Pipes Download

If you want to download MIL-T-16420K standard PDF, please submit your request.

We will reply within 24 hours.

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MIL-T-16420K Pipes FAQ Guide

MIL-T-16420K Copper Nickel Pipes: The Ultimate FAQ Guide



What is MIL-T-16420K Copper Nickel Pipes?

MIL-T-16420K is a military standard for Cupronickel pipes.

The standard outlines the chemical composition and dimensions of Cupronickel pipes in the military industry.

Therefore, MIL-T-16420K copper nickel pipes conform ASTM B466 UNS C70600 specifications and are manufactured according to MIL-T-16420K standard.

Copper nickel pipes

Figure 1 Cupronickel pipes

Where are MIL-T-16420K Copper Nickel Pipes Used?

Like the standard suggests, MIL-T-16420K copper nickel pipes are specifically for military applications. At times, you also refer to MIL-T-16420K copper nickel pipes as military-grade.

You can use the pipe in:

  • Submarine piping systems
  • Surface of warships
  • Cooling systems
  • Heat exchanger and condenser systems
  • Chilling systems
  • Sanitary piping systems
  • Shipbuilding, etc.

In short, MIL-T-16420K copper nickel pipes are suitable for application that require high corrosion resistant, strong, erosion-resistant, stress-resistant, and biofouling resistance pipes.

War ship

Figure 2 Warship

How Does Class 200 and Class 700 MIL-T-16420K Copper Nickel Pipes Compare?

In MIL-T-16420K copper nickel pipes, class mainly refers to the pressure rating.

It implies that, the Class 200 MIL-T-16420K copper nickel pipe has low-pressure rating than Class 700 MIL-T-16420K copper nickel pipe.

Of course, the wall thickness of MIL-T-16420K copper nickel pipe will vary depending on the pressure rating.

Is there Size Limits for MIL-T-16420K Copper Nickel Pipes?


Our sizes may vary from 1/2″ to 20′.

Of course, the outer diameter will depend on whether the MIL-T-16420K copper nickel pipe is seamless (419mm max) or welded (over 457 or more).

The pressure rating is either class 200 or class 700 with a maximum length for all pipes 6 meters.

What is the maximum length for MIL-T-16420K CuNi Pipes?

Shihang MIL-T-16420K copper nickel pipe maximum length is 6 meters. However, we can cut to size depending on your request.

Can Shihang Manufacture Custom MIL-T-16420K Copper Nickel Pipes?


The dimensions of Shihang MIL-T-16420K copper nickel pipe will depend on your unique requirements.

Do you have Seamless and Seam Weld MIL-T-16420K Cupronickel Pipes?


MIL-T-16420K standard covers both seamless and welded copper nickel pipes.

Whether you want MIL-T-16420K copper nickel pipe for submarines or surface ships, Shihang will be your best partner.

Which MIL-T-16420K Copper Nickel Pipes End Configurations are Available?

Our MIL-T-16420K copper nickel pipe comes in plain or beveled end configurations. But you can also get threaded end options.

Why are MIL-T-16420K Copper Nickel Pipes Corrosion Resistant?

Nickel element is responsible for excellent corrosion resistance of MIL-T-16420K copper nickel pipes.

Of course, it is due to the low oxidation reaction of nickel. Therefore, exposure to marine or sea environment will not affect it.

The amount of nickel (%) will depend on the copper nickel alloy grade – either UNS C70600 or UNS C71500.

What is Shihang MIL-T-16420K Copper Nickel Pipes Production Capacity?

Since we invested in 55kN and 35kN extrusion machines, Shihang can produce 30T of MIL-T-16420K copper nickel pipes every month.

How Does Shihang Control MIL-T-16420K Copper Nickel Pipes Quality?

  • Test chemical composition of raw material in our laboratory
  • Control chemical composition and dimension tolerance during the production process
  • Test and verify the quality of the final MIL-T-16420K copper nickel pipes
  • Issue quality certificates, both from our third party and internal laboratory tests
  • We have invested in modern testing equipment like Hydrostatical testing machine

How Fast Can You Get Shihang MIL-T-16420K Copper Nickel Pipes?

For normal orders of MIL-T-16420K copper nickel pipes, Shihang delivers within 30 days.

You can contact us for more information about our order delivery time.

MIL-T-16420K Copper Nickel Pipes come in How Many Grades?

For our MIL-T-16420K copper nickel pipes, you can choose CuNi10fe1.6mn or CuNi30fe1.6mn.

It will depend on your application requirements.

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