EN 1092 Flange

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Shihang EN 1092 Flanges
DIN 2632 Flanges
DIN 2632 Flange

Our DIN 2632 Flange is available in different sizes, CuNi grades, thickness, and pressure ratings. Depending on the design, Shihang DIN 2632 flange has a raised face or flat face.

DIN 2632 Flanges
DIN 2633 Flange

DIN 2633 Flange is precisely fabricated according to DIN 2633 standards for a study and reliable connection in extreme temperature fluctuations, high pressure, high velocity, and turbulent flow.

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Shihang is a leading CuNi Pipe Fittings manufacturer in China, with over 20 years’ experience and know-how in designing, machining and fabricating pipe fittings.
Shihang is a world-class manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of excellent quality Cupro Nickel Flange for 20 years.
Shihang manufacturing company in China is a certified CuNi 90/10 (C70600) flanges supplier for more than 20 years.
We can provide you an extensive range of CuNi 70/30 flanges to suit your requirements machined from our inhouse stock.

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Shihang EN 1092 Flange

Shihang is a premier supplier for EN 1092 flange in China. We are experts in most EN 1092 flange manufacturing. Mostly are Slip-On Ring Flange, Weld Neck Ring Flange, Threaded Ring Flange, Socket Weld Ring Flange, Blind Ring Flange, Ring Type Joint Flange, and Lap Joint Ring Flange.

Shihang EN 1092 Flanges

Depending on the specific applications, Shihang EN 1092 flange has a precise dimension and tolerance. They have high tensile strength and are great resistance for brine water, seawater, erosion, stress, and an organic compound.

Shihang can provide you different sizes, thicknesses, pressure ratings, and CuNi grades for EN 1092 flange. Depending on the design, we can supply EN 1092 flange in the flat face (FF), Raised Face (RF), and Ring Type Joint (RTJ).

At Shihang, we focus on ameliorating the safety standard of an extensive range of quality EN 1092 flange. We value quality which we abide strictly.

Shihang is the leading manufacturer and supplier of excellent quality EN 1092 flange, a European metric standard that covers specifications for circular flanges ranging from DN size 10 to 4000.

Further, we have been providing EN 1092 flanges to any country around the world in a variety of threadings, facings, dimensions, tolerances, and surface finishes.

In China, we are one of the leading manufacturer and distributor of EN 1092 flanges. We offer a wide range of flanges as per various DIN, ASME, and AWWA standards.

We can also provide custom made EN 1092 flanges as per your drawings. All of our EN 1092 flanges are conforming to international standards and norms and they are hubless.

We can help you with CAD drawing for a custom EN 1092 flanges. Shihang EN 1092 flanges are the most cost-competitive in the market.

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