DIN 86019 Copper Nickel Pipe

CuNi DIN 86019 pipes produced by shihang has a strong ability for anti-corrosion, stable chemical composition, easy to machine, reasonable price. As a professional DIN 86019 pipe manufacturer, Shihang has a wide range of DIN 86019 pipe stock.

  • Raw Material:CuNi10Fe1.6Mn
  • MTC EN 10204 3.1 Certificate is available
  • DIN 86019 Seaworthy Wooden Case Packaging
DIN 86019 pipes
DIN 86019 pipes

DIN 86019 Pipes Specifications

Specifications : CuNi10Fe1.6Mn

Standard : DIN 86019

Size : 1/2″ TO 20′ IN,DN15 TO DN500

Outer Diameter : 15mm to 508mm

Wall Thickness : Between 1mm and 11 mm

DIN 86019 Pipes Length : mainly 6meter or required Length

DIN 86019 Pipe Pressure Rating:10bar, 14bar

Types : Seamless less than 419mm ( included 419mm) / Seam Welded ( over 419mm )

End : Plain End, Beveled End

 Grades : CuNi10Fe1.6Mn

DIN 86019 pipes

DIN 86019 Standard

DIN 86019 is the standard of Seamless tubes made of CuNi10Fe1,6Mn for pipes-Dimensions for standard tubes and precision tubes

DIN 86019 pipes

DIN 86019 Dimensions

DIN 86019 Pipes Drawing

Outside diameter of pipe DIN86019
10 bar 14 bar
ØD Wall Theoretical Wall Theoretical
thickness weight thickness weight
nominal actual actual actual
inch ND mm mm Kg/m mm Kg/m
0.125 10 1 0.26 1 0.26
0.25 12 1 0.31 1 0.31
0.38 10 16 1 0.42 1 0.42
0.5 15 20 1 0.53 1 0.53
0.75 20 25 1.5 0.99 1.5 0.99
1 25 30 1.5 1.2 1.5 1.2
1.25 32 38 1.5 1.54 1.5 1.54
1.5 40 44.5 1.5 1.81 1.5 1.81
2 50 57 1.5 2.34 1.5 2.34
2.5 65 76.1 2 4.16 2 4.16
3 80 88.9 2 4.88 2.5 6.07
4 100 108 2.5 7.41 2.5 7.41
5 125 133 2.5 9.16 3 10.95
6 150 159 2.5 10.99 3 13.14
7 175 193.7 2.5 13.43 3.5 18.7
8 200 219.1 3 18.21 3.5 21.19
10 250 267 3 22.24 4 29.55
12 300 323.9 4 35.94 5 44.78
14 350 368 4 40.89 5.5 56
16 400 419.1 4 46.62 6 69.6
18 450 457.2 4 50.91 6 76.03
20 500 508 4.5 63.63 6.5 91.55
24 600 610 5 84.96 8 135.26
28 700 711 6 118.8 9 177.45
32 800 813 6 135.99 10 225.53
36 900 914 8 203.57 11 278.98
DIN 86019 pipes

DIN 86019 Description

Shihang DIN 86019 Copper Nickel Pipes

Shihang is leading provider of standard DIN 86019 Copper Nickel Pipes. In stock, we have the different din Shihang 86019 dimensions that suit the needs of all our customers. As a customer, you just need to order for the Shihang din 86019 standards that align to your particular needs.

The Shihang DIN 86019 Copper Nickel Pipes come in different thicknesses and you just need to let us know what you want.


DIN 86019 pipes

DIN 86019 pipes


The Shihang With 55KN & 35KN extrusion machine is a great advantage to us. It helps us process the orders of all our customers in good time. Just let us know if you want the Shihang  cuni din 86019 or something else and we will have you covered.

Customers insist on the specs they need and as a specialized manufacturer we have the obligation to attend to them. Do you want custom –made Shihang din 86019 sach-nr.299944 or the Shihang din 86019 pipes? Are you particular on the Shihang din 86019 chemical composition that you need?

We are here for you and you can check out the Shihang din 86019 pdf to see what we can do.

Currently, the Shihang monthly product capacity stands at about is 30T copper nickel pipes on a monthly basis. From the point we get your order we start working on it right way may it be the Shihang din 86019 or something else. We take approximately 30 days to make most of the Shihang deliveries.

A Shihang din 86019 download gives you a preview of the nature of what we provide. At Shihang, we conduct strict inspections that help us control chemical composition in all our products. The process commences from the Shihang mother pipes.

Our Shihang DIN 86019 Copper Nickel Pipes showcase remarkable mechanical properties. It is about easy fabrication among other things.

We take great precaution in transporting the Shihang DIN 86019 Copper Nickel Pipes and other products. Usually, we transport these Shihang DIN 86019 Copper Nickel Pipes in wooden casings. That makes it possible to get them to their respective destinations in good condition.

Shihang has a rather rich experience in production and that plays to our advantage.

DIN 86019 pipes

DIN 86019 PDF Download

If you want to download DIN 86019 standard PDF, please submit your request.

We will reply within 24 hours.

You can also check our DIN 86019 Standard PDF catalog as below:
DIN 86019 pipes

DIN 86019 Copper Nickel Pipe: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

DIN 86019 Copper Nickel Pipe: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


What is DIN 86019 Copper Nickel Pipe?

DIN is an abbreviation for Deutsches Institut für Normung which sets standards in the European Economic Area.

The DIN 86019 defines the standard dimensions for CuNi10Fe1, 6Mn pipes. Besides, DIN 86019 gives a dimensional specification for seamless cupronickel tubes.

Therefore, DIN 86019 copper nickel pipe conforms to the thickness, pressure rating, weight and diameter as this standard requires.

Why is DIN 86019 Standard Important?

  1. Manufacturers and users can choose correct dimension specifications of copper nickel pipes
  2. Helps to increase competitiveness in the copper nickel pipe manufacturing industry
  • Ensures compatibility and consistency in the copper nickel pipe industry
  1. It is easier to adopt copper nickel pipe to the right application
  2. By conforming to DIN 86019 standards, it is easier to ensure safety in copper nickel pipe applications
  3. Encourages innovation and efficiency in the copper nickel pipe industry

Are there Other European Standards for Copper Nickel Pipes?


EEMUA 234 is the current standard that has been adopted for 90/10 copper nickel pipe specifications. As of 17, November 2015, it had replaced the EEMUA 144, EEMUA 145 and EEMUA 146.

Why Import Shihang DIN 86019 Copper Nickel Pipes?

Figure 1 DIN 86019 copper nickel pipe

  • Shihang strictly adheres to the dimension requirements and specifications of DIN 86019 copper nickel pipes
  • With the upgraded OTTO JUNKER furnace and 300T Hydraulic Elongator, Shihang produces seamless CuNi pipes with a maximum diameter of 419mm
  • Hydrostatical testing machine helps to control the chemical composition of copper nickel pipes
  • Competitive prices on DIN 86019 copper nickel pipes
  • Quality testing certificates available – both EN 10204 3.1 issued by Shihang and EN 10204 3.2from third-party
  • Proper packaging of in a seaworthy wooden box
  • DIN 86019 CuNi pipes available in different pressure ratings, OD, end configurations and cut-to-size length (must not exceed 6 meters)
  • Support OEM DIN 86019 Cupronickel requirements
  • Within 30 days, Shihang will deliver DIN 86019 copper nickel pipes.

What is the Maximum Diameter for Seamless DIN 86019 Copper Nickel Pipe?

The maximum diameter for seamless DIN 86019 copper nickel pipe is 419mm. However, very few companies have this capability.

Currently, Shihang is among the top 5 companies with the capability to produce seamless copper nickel pipes with OD 419mm.

Apart from DIN 86019, Are there other DIN Standards for Copper Nickel Pipes?

Yes, there are several DIN standards for copper nickel pipes such as:

  • DIN 86018 – It is a standard focusing on welded copper nickel tube (CuNi10Fe1,6Mn)
  • DIN 86003-1 – The emphasis is on design marine and ship pipelines systems. It is important to observe this when using Cupronickel pipes for marine applications.
  • DIN 85004-2 – It outlines the fundamental principle in designing, fabricating, and testing copper nickel alloys.
  • DIN 85004-4 – It outlines the technical specifications when dealing with copper nickel alloy tubes.

For robust system design, it is important to pay attention to the specifications of each DIN specification for copper nickel alloy systems.

Where Can You Use DIN 86019 Copper Nickel Pipe?

It is cost-effective for seawater piping systems. Therefore, you will find DIN 86019 in:

Desalination plant

Figure 2 Desalination plant

  • Shipbuilding industries
  • Desalination plants
  • Offshore piping systems such as oil platforms
  • Heat exchanger and condensation systems

Of course, all these applications are due to the following key properties:

  • High erosion resistance
  • Excellent heat transfer
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Resistance to biofouling

It is a high-performance copper nickel pipe.

Are there Different Grades for DIN 86019 Copper Nickel Pipe?

The DIN 86019 focuses on CuNi10Fe1, 6Mn grade. It is 90-10 CuNi pipes.

However, Shihang produces CuNiFer, CuNi30fe1.6mn pipes too with the same specifications. It is 70/30 CuNi pipes.

What is the Maximum Length of Shihang DIN 86019 Copper Nickel Pipe?

All our copper nickel pipes have a maximum length of 6 meters.

However, depending on your requirements, Shihang can cut copper nickel pipes to any length as long as it is within 6m.

Shihang copper nickel pipes

Figure 3 Shihang copper nickel pipes

How does Shihang Package DIN 86019 Copper Nickel Pipes for Shipping?

Shihang packages DIN 86019 copper nickel pipes in a seaworthy wooden box that protects them during shipping.

Before we put the copper nickel pipes in the box, Shihang wraps DIN 86019 with a polypropylene sheet. For safety, Shihang securely seals the wooden box using flat steel bands.

DIN 86019 CuNi pipe packaging

Figure 4 DIN 86019 CuNi Pipe Packaging

Are there Seam Welded DIN 86019 Copper Nickel Pipes?


For seam welded Cupronickel pipes, refer to the DIN 86018 standard specifications.

Does Shihang Manufacture Custom DIN 86019 Copper Nickel Pipes?

Yes, Shihang DIN 86019 Cupronickel pipes are available in custom options with the following key specifications:

  • Copper nickel pipe cut to and size with a maximum length of 6 meters
  • Threaded, beveled or plain end configuration
  • Size varies from DN15 to DN500
  • Pressure rating is 10 bar and 14 bar
  • Copper grade is CuNi 90/10 or CuNi 70/30

How Does Shihang Control Chemical Composition of DIN 86019 Copper Nickel Pipe?

Shihang follows a strict process in controlling the chemical composition of copper nickel pipes.

We subject copper nickel pipe raw material to material analyzer testing, controlling the heating, production to finishing operation process.

As a result, Shihang produces copper nickel pipes with an accurately balanced chemical composition for optimal performance in offshore applications.

What is Shihang Turn-around for DIN 86019 Copper Nickel Pipe?

For all normal order of Shihang DIN 86019 copper nickel pipes, it will take 30 days.

However, Shihang guarantees a fast turn-around for copper nickel pipe orders.

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