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Shihang CuNi Tube
Copper Nickel End Cap

We have a wide selection of Copper Nickel End Cap that will surely suit your needs. You can select your desired sizes or customizations as well.

EEMUA 146 End Cap

We have ultimate solutions for your needs such as purchasing EEMUA 146 End Cap. We can customize EEMUA 146 End Cap according to your specifications.

ASME B16.9 End Cap

We are capable to supply our customers with a superb standard ASME B16.9 End Cap.

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Shihang is a leading manufacturer of high-quality copper nickel elbow to top brands in different industries.
We have copper nickel tees for the pipe fittings, pipe connections , used in the main pipeline to branch pipe.
We are expert in designing, machining, and fabricating your copper-nickel Reducing Tee according to your specific requirements.
If the tee can’t be made as seamless , saddles can be the branch , the parts of the tee.

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Shihang DIN 28011 End Cap

Shihang DIN 28011 end cap is the standard of the copper-nickel end cap. It is made from an alloy of Mn, Pb, Cu, Ni, Zn, and Fe. Our DIN 28011 end cap is precisely manufactured according to DIN 28011 standards for excellent end connection.

Shihang DIN 28011 end cap offers excellent end connection in the oil and gas industry, heat exchanger system, shipbuilding, offshore applications, and paper & pulp industry.

Depending on the precise chemical composition in the Shihang DIN DIN 28011 end cap, our clients can choose from the welded copper-nickel end cap or threaded copper-nickel end cap. Using DIN 28011 end cap is simple and easy to install.

We can provide DIN 28011 end cap in different sizes, thickness, and pressure ratings. For special application requirements, we can offer customized DIN 28011 end cap depending on your specifications.

Depending on the pipe or tube type, we have different shapes and designs for DIN 28011 end caps. We have a wide range of high-tech machines, material in stock, and testing laboratory to ensure a short lead-time for both standard and custom DIN 28011 end cap.

For more than 20 years, we have been partnered with over 500 global companies that depend on our End Caps products. We adopt strict quality control and provide quality certificates for all DIN 28011 End Cap.

Shihang has the capability to maintain tight dimensional tolerance of all DIN 28011 End Cap.

At Shihang, we want the best for you and your customer’s needs. From the material, function, design, to quality issues, we strive to offer top quality DIN 28011 End Cap.

Our team strives hard to provide you with a high level of satisfaction towards our products. Please feel free to contact our team for more information.



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