DIN 2642 Flanges

DIN 2642 flanges are the standard of carbon steel flanges with galv. It is used with copper nickel stub end ( Standard DIN 86307 )

DIN 2642 flanges dimension are totally the same as DIN 86037 section 3.

  • Raw Material: CuNi10Fe1.6Mn & A105N with Galv.
  • MTC EN 10204 3.1 Certificate is available
  • Seaworthy Wooden Case Packaging
  • Tolerance:100% meet the standard.
DIN 2643 Flanges
DIN 2642 Flanges

DIN 2633 Flanges Specifications

DIN 2642 Flange Specifications

Specifications : A105N with galvanized

Dimensions : DIN 2642, DIN 86037

Size : 1/2″ to 24”

Class / Pressure : 10bar, 14bar

DIN 2642 Flanges

DIN 2633 Flanges Description

DIN 2642 Flange

Shihang DIN 2642 Flange is an outer flange of composite weld neck flange. It has excellent strength and superior corrosion resistance, designed for efficient stress transfer in the piping system.

Shihang DIN 2642 Flange is the best flange for high turbulent and velocity fluid flow, in many applications such as seawater piping, shipbuilding, and other industrial applications.

Shihang DIN 2642 Flange, as an integral component of the composite weld neck flanges, forms a reliable and durable joint.

Compared to other DIN 2642 Flanges in the market, Shihang offers a cost competitive, durable and reliable options.

Shihang DIN 2642 Flange brand is popular for consistent and strict dimensional tolerance, reliable performance and robust structure.

With over 20 years hands-on experience in flange industry, Shihang strictly follows the DIN 2642 Flange dimension standards and requirements.

For custom DIN 2642 Flange, Shihang works with your team, from CAD drawings, material selection to the fabrication process.

We are trusted by over 500 companies globally who use Shihang DIN 2642 Flange.

Our modern DIN 2642 Flange manufacturing facility can support standard and custom designs, depending on the unique specifications of clients.

Shihang team works 24/7 to help and support its clients in DIN 2642 Flange.

Contact us today for all your DIN 2642 Flange needs.

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