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Shihang CuNi Tube
DIN 2632 Welding Neck Flange

Shihang DIN 2632 Welding Neck Flange is available in different Dimensions, sizes, and specifications.

DIN 2632 PN16 Flange

Size for the DIN 2632 PN16 Flange dimensions ranges between DN10 ~ DN1000 or ½ inch (15 NB) to 48 inches.

DIN 2632 PN10 Flange

Shihang DIN 2632 PN10 Flange comes in varying thickness, sizes and pressure rating.

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Shihang DIN 2632 Flange

Shihang DIN 2632 Flange is made from an alloy of Cu, Mn, Pb, Ni, Fe & Zn. DIN 2632 flange is the standard of copper-nickel weld neck flange, Cupro nickel weld neck flange, or CuNi weld neck flange.

As your one-stop supplier, Shihang can manufacture different types of DIN 2632 flange. Depending on your specific applications, we can supply DIN 2632 Slip-On Ring Flange, DIN 2632 Weld Neck Ring Flange, DIN 2632 Threaded Ring Flange, DIN 2632 Socket Weld Ring Flange, DIN 2632 Blind Ring Flange, DIN 2632 Ring Type Joint Flange, and DIN 2632 Lap Joint Ring Flange.

Shihang DIN 2632 flange has a precise dimension and tolerance, and high tensile strength. They have great resistance to seawater, brine water, organic compound, erosion, and stress.

Our DIN 2632 Flange is available in different sizes, CuNi grades, thickness, and pressure ratings. Depending on the design, Shihang DIN 2632 flange has a raised face or flat face.

Shihang can manufacture DIN 2632 flange from excellent grade material, with an accurate balance of the chemical composition. Shihang DIN 2632 flange is trusted in the most hostile working environment with high turbulence, temperature, pressure, etc.

As China’s leading DIN 2632 flange manufacturer, we have a wide range of materials in stock for both custom and standard DIN 2632 flange.

Further, we can distribute the world-class array of DIN 2632 flange worldwide. In fact, Shihang has been the best business partners in different industries around the world.

In manufacturing high-quality DIN 2632 flange, Shihang implements strict quality control and working with third-party quality inspection institutions.

Shihang can help you with CAD drawing for a custom DIN 2632 flange. Shihang DIN 2632 flange is the most cost-competitive in the market.

If you have any questions on DIN 2632 flange, our team is available 24/7, and ready to help.

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