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  • Superior corrosion-resistant
  • Excellent grade
  • Highest quality CW352H

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CW352H Round Bars

As a leading manufacturer of copper-nickel, Shihang can supply you with a wide range of CW352H Round Bars at competitive prices.

CW352H Tubes

Shihang is a good choice for the CW352H Tubes solution because we have our own copper-nickel, production manufacturer.

CW352H Pipes

Shihang does strict inspections for CW352H Pipes because they are all manufactured to the standard requirement.

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  • Superior corrosion-resistant
  • Excellent grade
  • Highest quality CW352H


The CW352H is the EN numeric designation for UNS c70600 (CW352H) materials. The c70600 is the UNS number.

Further, the EN chemical designation is CuNi10Fe1Mn. The British Standard (BS) designation is CN102. And the common industry name is Cupronickel 10.

The CW352H has the lowest tensile strength among the wrought copper-nickels in the database. C70600 copper-nickel properties include nine common variations.

We will provide you CW352H datasheet for further information.

Besides, Shihang is the premier manufacturer and supplier in China that can fabricate custom UNS c70600 tubes at very competitive rates.

Shihang manufacturing factory in China has more than 20 years of production experience to meet your needs.

We keep on searching, developing, and innovating the most advanced services and products for our valued customers.

We are experts in manufacturing and exporting UNS c70600 tubes to different countries around the world. We hope to include you as part of our growing list of satisfied clients.

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