CuZn20Al2 Tube

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CuZn20Al2 Tube
CuZn20Al2as tube
CuZn20Al2 tube

CuZn20Al2as tube
CuZn20Al2as Tube

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Shihang CuZn20Al2 Tube

CuZn20Al2 Tube Specification

Standard  ASTM B 111/B 111M, BS2871, JIS H3300, DIN1785
Description Name  ASTM B111 copper tubes, C44300 copper tubes, C44300 Admiralty brass tubes, C44300 admiralty brass pipes, CZ111 admiralty brass tubes, CuZn28Sn1 admiralty brass tubes.
Size  8mm to 76mm
Wall Thickness  0.5 to 6mm
Shape  Round
Length  Single random length/ Double random length or as customer’s actual request
Grade  C44300, C4430, CZ111, CuZn28Sn1

CuZn20Al2 Tube Chemical Composition

Designation Chemical Composition %
Cu Sn Al As Ni Fe Mn Pb max. Zn
C44300 70.0-73.0 0.9-1.2 0.02-0.06 0.06max 0.07 Rem

CuZn20Al2 Tube Mechanical Property

Copper or Copper Alloy UNS NO. Temper Designation Tensile Strength, Yield Strength,
Standard Former min ksi min ksi
C44300 O61 annealed 45 15


Shihang CuZn20Al2 tube, also known as Arsenical Aluminum Brass or C67800 tube, is one of the topnotch metal products that have physical and mechanical properties that would surely suit industrial applications and satisfy your project’s demands, all while conforming to the ASTM B111 standards.

As alloys of this type are usually used in extremely corrosive environments, such as highly polluted and salinized wet solutions, particularly seawater, our Shihang CuZn20Al2 tubes pose superior corrosion resistance. Dezincification, a special type of corrosion resulting from high water temperatures, presence of chlorides, and other deviating qualities of water, is particularly prevented due to the stable chemical composition of our Shihang CuZn20Al2 tubes. The arsenic content incorporated in our tube production prevents the gradual weakening of our Shihang CuZn20Al2 tubes, averting eventual failures and leaks. This distinct characteristic of our Shihang CuZn20Al2 tubes makes it best used as heat exchangers and condenser tubes, ferrules, and other components for seawater condensers situated off-shore.

Moreover, our Shihang CuZn20Al2 tubes are also manufactured at controlled amounts of aluminum that allows the material to develop a protective film that has self-healing properties. This makes our Shihang CuZn20Al2 tubes suitable for seawater trunking and oil tanker heating coils. This also contributes to our Shihang CuZn20Al2 tubes’ high resistance to erosion and impingement attacks, which support its high applicability and usability in marine use, in either stagnant or relatively fast-moving salt and brackish water.

Aside from these, our Shihang CuZn20Al2 tubes have the distinguishable bright gold-like color of brass and have smooth finish, remarkable strength and hardness, making it as aesthetically good and sturdy as possible. Our Shihang CuZn20Al2 tubes also have higher malleability among other copper alloys and notably good electrical and thermal conductivity that would perfectly deliver to your heating and electrical necessities.

Shihang CuZn20Al2 tubes also have excellent machinability, making it easy to be fabricated and formed according to your specified use. Application-wise, our Shihang CuZn20Al2 tubes are best assembled through soldering, brazing, and welding, specifically, via oxyacetylene welding, gas-shielded arc welding, spot welding, seam welding, and butt welding.

Here in Shihang, our CuZn20Al2 tubes are produced in 500T per month, and will surely comply and provide to your fast-tracked requirements. This high productivity is also accompanied with high-quality control and assurance when it comes to the chemical composition, precise dimensions, and other design considerations in the Shihang CuZn20Al2 tubes that we produce. Upon drawing, annealing, and/or heat-treat tempering processes, our Shihang CuZn20Al2 tubes are tested to ensure that its quality meets the ASTM B111 standards.

To ensure the usability of our Shihang CuZn20Al2 tubes, we also offer subsequent stress reliving thermal treatment and product testing that will go well with your preferred product specifications. These include:

  • A residual stress test that may be specified in the purchase order for CuZn20Al2 tubes that are not annealed temper;
  • Optional post-straightening thermal treatment of the CuZn20Al2 tubes to be used in aggressive environments that pose potential stress-corrosion cracking failures.

From our plant to your site, your orders will come in our wooden case packaging. We assure safe materials handling and immediate delivery of our products to reach you in its best condition.

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Did not find what you need? We can also do custom-made Shihang CuZn20Al2 tubes! Just send us your desired product specifications and we will assist you. Our CAD team can collaborate with you to further define and optimize our products to satisfy your needs.

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