Shihang Cunifer Welding WireOver 20 years in Cunifer Welding Wire manufacturing experience .

  • Excellent strength
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Durable

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Cunifer Rods

We aimed to provide good quality Cunifer Rods that are inspected and tested by skilled and experienced professionals.

Cunifer Wire

Our cunifer wire is highly resistant to corrosion by saltwater and is also used for piping, heat exchangers and condensers in seawater systems, as well as for marine hardware.

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Shihang manufactures Ercuni welding wire using high-class material and the latest methods.
Shihang copper-nickel filler rods are available in different grades, 90/30 filler rods, or 70/30 filler rods.
Shihang copper-nickel filler wire is relatively soft and low friction liners are essential.
Shihang copper-nickel stub end offers a variety of advantages over other forms of fittings.

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  • Excellent-quality range of Cunifer Welding Wire
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Shihang Cunifer Welding Wire

For your Cunifer welding wire needs, you can always rely on Shihang. For over 20 years in cunifer welding wire manufacturing experience, you can trust the quality and services we offer.

Shihang cunifer welding wire is used for rebuilding ship propellers of seagoing ships. It is because cunifer welding wire featuring good cavitation resistance against the salty seawater and high strength properties.

We can design Shihang cunifer welding wire which offers a low friction coefficient. Our cunifer welding wire is shaved during the drawing process to ensure all contamination is removed from the surface to prevent inclusions in the weld deposit.

Based on your specific requirements, Shihang can fabricate cunifer welding wire using intercontinental and sate specifications and standards. All Shihang cunifer welding wire we deal undergoes a third-party inspection, flaring test, flattening test, ultrasonic test, corrosion-resistant test, and radiography test.

Shihang offers a wide range of cunifer welding wire all made in the finest and strong materials, production method executed in our modern technology. Our cunifer welding wire is available at competitive prices. So, you can get products to suit your budget.

Shihang cunifer welding wire is obtained in different sizes, lengths, and dimensions. Customization options for cunifer welding wire allow you to specify your details. Let Shihang manufacture standard and customized cunifer welding wire for you.

We are one of the leading producers of cunifer welding wire. We aimed to provide good quality of the products that are inspected and tested by skilled and experienced professionals.

After all the tests are done, we will pack the Shihang cunifer welding wire in wooden cases or boxes and ready to dispatch. Shihang, as a trusted manufacturer and supplier, we are committed to providing high-quality cunifer welding wire products.

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