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  • Easy for installation
  • Very High Weldability
  • Better impingement attack resistance

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Cunifer Tube
ASTM B111 C70600 Tube
DIN 86019 Cunifer Tube

Shihang produces excellent quality DIN 86019 cunifer tube for more than 20 years.

Cunifer Tube
EEMUA 144 Cunifer Tube

Shihang EEMUA 144 Cunifer Tube is an excellent corrosion-resistant used in coastal power plants and petroleum refineries.

Cunifer Tube
ASME B36.19M Cunifer Tube

Shihang ASME B36.19M Cunifer Tubes are mainly used on the stainless steel field. It’s the size standard to specific the copper-nickel pipe and tube outer diameter , thickness, and others.

Related Products of Cunifer Tube

C70600 or CuNi 90/10 is perfect used for copper nickel pipes and fittings.
They have strong mechanical properties, weldable sea-water corrosion resistant saline mist resistant.
Customization for copper-nickel tube is available in Shihang. We can customize the size, grades, and dimension to your specific requirements.
They are proven to be very resistant to seawater, brine water, organic compounds, salts, diluted non-oxidizing acids, etc.

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Shihang Cunifer Tube

Shihang Cunifer tube is an alloy of copper, nickel, and iron. Our Cunifer tube featuring cunifer 90/10 tube and cunifer 70/30 tube. The most widely used ratio between copper and nickel is CuNi 90/10.

Shihang is a professional manufacturer of high-quality cunifer tube in China for more than 20 years. Shihang can give you high-class products while supplying a reasonable and competitive cost.

Shihang cunifer tube is often used in the maritime industry for heat exchangers, piping systems, cooling water systems, appendages, and extinguishing systems.

We can supply a rust-free cunifer tube to our valued customers. These tubes can build up oxygen the same with aluminum which turns the originally copper-colored surface slightly greyish. All of our cunifer tubes is a good aspect of high corrosion resistance that is much easier to install than steel tubes.

Shihang produces cunifer tubes much softer. So, you don’t even need a bending tool to install the tubes smoothly on the underbody of your car.

Our Cunifer tube meets ISO 4038, SAE Standard J1047,  and international requirements. They can withstand the harshest environments like road treatments, dirt, snow, salt air, and more. Shihang cunifer tube is indeed a perfect choice for OEM replacement.

You can avail of our Cunifer tube in different sizes and standards based on competitive rates. Shihang cunifer tube is available in coils of 25′, 50′, and 100′. What’s more, our cunifer tube is packed with tube nuts which are ideal choices for clients on specific lengths or non-standard applications.

Shihang cunifer tube is great for all vehicles with brake, transmission, and fuel system including disc brake and drum brake conversion, heat exchanger, car braking system, power plants, etc.

If you are looking for a top-quality cunifer tube for your business or project, trust Shihang as your supplier. We guarantee flexible payment terms and competitive costs without minimum order required.

Shihang is the most trusted manufacturer and supplier of cunifer tubes in China that you can rely on.

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