Shihang CuNi Round Bar

Over 20 Years’ Experience in Manufacturing CuNi Round Bar in China.

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C70600 CuNi Round Bar

Shihang can provide you Copper Nickel Grade C70600 CuNi Round Bar with different outer diamater.

Shihang C70600 Round Bar
C71500 Round Bar

As a leading manufacturer of copper-nickel, Shihang can supply you with a wide range of standard CuNi round bar at competitive prices.

EEMUA 234 CuNi Round Bar

Shihang is a good choice for EEMUA 234 CuNi round bar solution because we have our own copper-nickel production manufacturer.

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Shihang do strict inspections for CuNi rectangular bar because they are all manufactured to the standard requirement.
We have full testing equipment in manufacturing CuNi flat bar to ensure excellent quality.
Shihang is your reliable and one-stop solutions for all your CuNi square bar needs.

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  • More than 20 years’ of expertise
  • Equipped with skilled workers
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Shihang CuNi Round Bar

If you desire a long-lasting business partner for your CuNi round bar, then consider the Shanghai Shihang company. We have a wide variety of CuNi round bar for your business necessities.

As a leading CuNi round bar manufacturer in China, we are experts in manufacturing 90/10 CuNi round bar and 70/30 CuNi round bar. Indeed, Shihang is your reliable and one-stop solution for CuNi round bar you need.

Shihang CuNi round bar is excellent resistance to seawater corrosion, good fabricability, and low macrofouling rates. That is why they are great for marine applications. We can manufacture different sizes, thicknesses, and lengths for CuNi round bar.

Further, Shihang can supply you with a wide range of standard CuNi round bars stock.

In China, Shihang is a prime manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of an extensive range of excellent quality CuNi round bar. We can provide you Shihang CuNi round bar based on your specific sizes, and length.

We ensure that all of our Shihang CuNi round bars you get has the highest quality, different patterns, seamless finish, and affordable prices. In fact, Shihang Cuni Round bar is popular and demanded in the marketplace.

With our own copper-nickel round bar production manufacturer, high-level labs, and forging manufacturer, Shihang is your good choice when it comes to CuNi round bars. All of our Shihang CuNi round bars are manufactured to the standard requirements.

For more information about our CuNi round bars, please feel free to send your inquiries.

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