Copper Nickel Elbow

Copper nickel elbow is made by copper nickel pipe. Shihang, as the 20-year bv approved copper nickel pipe fittings manufacturer and supplier, has the wide range stock of Copper nickel elbow with a variety of of sizes.

As a professional copper nickel elbow manufacturer and supplier, shihang can produce long radius elbow, short radius with 30 degree elbow, 45 degree elbow, 60 degree elbow and 90 degree elbow.

  • Raw Material: Copper Nickel 90/10 (C70600 ), CuNi10Fe1.6Mn, CuNi 90/10, 7060X
  • MTC EN 10204 3.1 Certificate is available
  • Seaworthy Wooden Case Packaging
  • Tolerance:100% meet the standard.
Copper Nickel Elbow

Copper Nickel Elbow


Shihang Copper Nickel Elbow is a robust, durable and easy to install CuNi pipe fitting made from high-grade CuNi 90/10(C70600) or CuNi 70/30 (C71500) with accurately balanced chemical composition. It is the best Copper Nickel Elbow with excellent corrosion resistance, resistance to macrofouling, good tensile strength and machining properties.

Shihang Copper Nickel Elbow is a perfect choice for shipbuilding, power plants, construction machinery, heat exchanger, desalination plants, chemical industry, and many others.

Depending on the type of application, Shihang Copper Nickel Elbow can change the direction of flow to 45° and 90°, with 60° or other special angles available upon request.

Connecting Shihang Copper Nickel Elbow is easy and simple – you can choose threaded or welded connection.

Shihang Copper Nickel Elbow come in different pressure rating, sizes and thickness according to DIN 86090, EEMUA 146/234 and ASME B16.9 standards.

Shihang offers three main types of Copper Nickel Elbows for unique application requirements.

Shihang Long Radius Copper Nickel Elbow has a curvature radius equivalent to 1.5 times the tube diameter. Our Long Radius Copper Nickel Elbow requires more installation space and works well in applications requiring loss pressure drop.

Shihang Short Radius Copper Nickel Elbow requires less installation space. It is characterized by high-pressure drop.

The radius curvature of Shihang Short Radius Copper Nickel Elbow is equal to the tube’s outer diameter.

Shihang Reducing Copper Nickel Elbow comes as 90°. This Copper Nickel Elbow changes direction and reduces pipe size simultaneously.

Every Shihang Copper Nickel Elbow is carefully fabricated and machined with tight dimensional tolerance, for low resistance to flow, low-pressure drop and low turbulent flow. These reduce possible internal wear of the fitting.

With a range of Copper Nickel Elbows in stock, Shihang guarantees fast turnaround for both standard and custom pipe fitting designs.

Our strict quality control, free CAD drawing, material specification and competitive prices, gives Shihang an edge over competitors in the Copper Nickel Elbow industry. Since 1996, Shihang has continued to supply over 500 global companies with Copper Nickel Elbows.

We maintain tight tolerance for all our copper nickel pipe fitting dimensions and provide quality certificates.

For all your inquiries on Copper Nickel Elbows, Shihang technical team is available 24/7 ready to help.

Contact us today for high quality and cost competitive Copper Nickel Elbows.

Copper Nickel Elbow

Copper Nickel Elbow Specification

Dimensions : ASME/ANSI B16.9, DIN Standard, EEMUA 146, EEMUA 234

Size : 1/2” to 24”,DN15-DN500

Type : Seamless / Welded

Schedule : SCH10, SCH40, SCH80

Pressure rate:10bar, 14bar, 16bar, 20bar

Grades : Copper Nickel 90/10 (C70600 ), CuNi10Fe1.6Mn, CuNi 90/10, 7060X

End:Plain, bevelled

Copper Nickel Elbow: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is Copper Nickel Elbow?

Copper nickel elbow is a special type of pipe fitting that offers flexibility in the piping system by changing directions.

With copper nickel elbow, you can change the direction of the piping system by 90 or 45 degrees. Alternatively, you can customize the degree of the bend depending on your unique specifications.

Cupronickel elbow

Figure 1 Cupronickel Elbow

Depending on the design of the copper nickel pipe, you can use pipes with different or equal nominal diameter.

Where do you use Copper Nickel Elbow?

Copper nickel elbow is common in marine, shipbuilding, desalination, heat exchanger, condenser system and any other offshore applications.

With CuNi elbow, you can change direction or reroute a piping system, depending on the degree of the bending radius which can be 45°, 90° or 180°.

Of course, the characteristics of the pipe flow will also depend on the type of Cupronickel elbow you will go for.

For instance, in case you have limited space, a short radius CuNi elbow is a perfect alternative.

Also, long radius elbow has less pressure drop compared to short radius elbow.

Therefore, it is also not about changing direction, but ensuring the copper nickel elbow will maintain the desired fluid flow characteristics.

How do you Identify Copper Nickel Elbow?

You can identify CuNi elbow with the unique curve or bend which come in different degrees. Besides, they also come in different end configurations and diameters.


Figure 2Shihang copper nickel elbow

What are the different Types of Copper Nickel Elbow?

Some of the most common types of copper nickel elbows include:

·      90 Degree Copper Nickel Elbow

You can use this elbow to change pipe direction to 90 degrees. Basically, the curve or bend is 90 degrees.

Figure 3 90 degrees

·      45 Degree Copper Nickel Elbow

It is suitable for applications where you want to change the pipe radius by 45 degrees.

Figure 4 45 degrees

·      Short Radius Copper Nickel Elbow

Short radius elbow

Figure 5 Short radius elbow

CuNi elbow radius is the curvature radius.

In short radius Cupronickel elbow, the nominal size of copper nickel pipe is equal to the centerline radius of CuNi elbow.

The short radius copper nickel elbow is suitable where there is limited space.

Besides, the short radius CuNi elbow is characterized by high pressure drop. Of course, this is due to the sudden change in the direction of flow.

·      Long Radius Copper Nickel Elbow

 Long radius elbow

Figure 6 Long radius

Unlike the short radius copper nickel elbow, long radius copper nickel elbow has a centerline radius, which is 1.5 times the Cupronickel pipe nominal size.

For the long radius, you require more installation space. Besides, it is characterized by a low pressure drop.

·      Reducing Copper Nickel Elbow

Reducing copper nickel elbow not only changes the direction of the piping system, but also reduce the pipe size.

Their design is such that they allow for gradual pipe diameter reduction thereby:

  • Preventing sizable pressure drop in the pipe system
  • Eliminating possible turbulence within the pipe system
  • Prevents erosion of the piping system

Apart from these, there is the 180 degrees elbow. They also come in short and long configurations.

As the name suggests, these elbows allow for 180 degrees change in pipe direction. They are common in heating and cooling systems.

Which CuNi Alloy Grade are Cupronickel Elbow made from?

Cupronickel elbow is made from any of the following copper alloy grades:

  • ASTM B466 UNS C70600
  • CuNi10Fe1.6Mn
  • UNS C7060X
  • Copper Nickel 90/10 (C70600)
  • CuNi 90/10

Is there a difference between EEMUA 146 and EEMUA 234 Copper Nickel Elbow?

There is no difference between EEMUA 146 Cupronickel elbow and EEMUA 234 Cupronickel elbow.

According to information on the  EEMUA Website, the EEMUA 234 has replaced EEMUA 144, EEMUA 145 and EEMUA 146 standards.

How do ASME/ANSI B16.9 compare to DIN Copper Nickel Elbow?

ASME/ANSI B16.9 is an American standard while DIN is a European Standard

Pressure rating and thickness of ASME/ANSI B16.9 copper nickel elbow is in:

  • Sch5s
  • Sch10s
  • Sch40s
  • Sch80s

For DIN Copper Nickel elbow, the pressure rating is in

  • 10 bar
  • 14 bar

In both ASME/ANSI B16.9 and DIN Cupronickel elbow, the copper nickel grade varies depending on the application.

What are the End Configurations of CuNi Elbow?

Most copper nickel elbows come in either plain or threaded end configurations.

How do you Join CuNi Elbow to Piping System?

Depending on the end configuration of the copper nickel elbow and pipe systems, they can be socketed, threaded or butt welded.

How do you Manufacture Cupronickel Elbow?

There are a number of techniques and methods of manufacturing Cupronickel elbows. They include:

·      Manufacturing CuNi Elbow using Mandrel Method

It involves the following key stages:

Elbow manufacturing process

Figure 7 Elbow manufacturing process – Photo courtesy: Hard Hat Engineer

  • Receive high-quality copper nickel pipes – As a leading copper nickel pipes manufacturer, Shihang, adheres to high quality process where we issue EN 10204 3.1 and EN 10204 3.2 certificates.
  • Cut the copper nickel pipe into suitable dimensions
  • With the help of hydraulic ram, push the copper nickel pipes into a heating system. You can use the induction coil heating system.
  • Push the heated copper nickel pipe into the mandrel. The mandrel will expand and bend the pipe to form a suitable CuNi elbow.

With the mandrel method, you can manufacture a copper nickel elbows with a range of diameters.

·      Manufacturing Cupronickel Elbow using the Extrusion Technique

 Extrusion technique

Figure 8 Extrusion technique – Photo courtesy: Hard Hat Engineer

In this technique, you will:

  1. Cut the copper nickel pipe into suitable size
  2. Push the copper nickel pipe through a die to form a suitable elbow

·      CuNi Elbow Manufacturing Process Using UO Method

UO technique

Figure 9 UO Technique – Photo courtesy: Hardhat Engineer

This method involves the following key processes:

  1. Cut a plate of copper nickel with the elbow shape you need
  2. Using a die, form the copper nickel sheet into a U-shape
  3. With the second die, transform it into tubular or O-shape
  4. Once you have suitable shape, weld both inside and outside section

·      Manufacturing Elbow using Hot Forming Method

Hot forming method

Figure 10 Hot forming method – Photo courtesy: Hard Hat Engineer

In this process, you will follow these key processes:

  1. Heat the copper nickel pipe
  2. Use a die to form it into a suitable shape (elbow)
  3. At times, you can repeat steps (i) and (ii) above

Normally, this technique is suitable for thick-wall CuNi elbow.

In any of the processes, you should ensure that the copper nickel elbow conforms to the stipulated quality standards. This should include wall thickness, shape and size.

More importantly, machine the end configurations of the elbow to suit specific pipe connection requirements.

 What is the difference between CuNi Elbow and Pipe Bend?

Copper nickel pipe bend performs the same function as the Cupronickel elbow. In fact, their structural design is almost the same.

However, copper nickel pipe bend is longer than CuNi pipe elbow. Besides, copper nickel pipe bends are made for specific applications.

Also, the bending radius of a pipe bend is equal or more than twice the diameter of the pipe.

How does Copper Nickel Long Radius Elbow compare to Short Radius Elbow?

Copper Nickel Long Radius Elbow Copper Nickel Short Radius Elbow
The radius of the centerline is 1.5 times more than the nominal size of pipe Radius of the centerline is equal to the nominal size of the pipe
Characterized by low-pressure loss Characterized by high-pressure loss
Requires more installation space Requires less installation space


How do you Specify Copper Nickel Pipe Elbow Fitting?

Whenever you want to specify copper nickel pipe elbow, you should focus on the following key parameters:

  • Degree of the bending radius where you can choose 30, 45, 90 or customized option
  • Quality certifications such as MTC EN 10204 3.1
  • Welded or seamless
  • Pressure rating
  • Copper nickel grade
  • Dimension standard
  • End configuration and joining mechanism

Of course, by the end of it all, it is important to purchase the copper nickel elbow from reputable manufacturers.

What is Copper Nickel Pipe Adapter?

Pipe adapters are fittings you can use to connect dissimilar pipes. They come in different configurations and sizes.

How does Copper Nickel Seamless Elbow compare to Welded Elbow?

Seamless copper nickel elbow is made from seamless pipes and they do not have seam or weld on their surface.

A welded copper nickel pipe elbow is made from welded Cupronickel pipes and they have seam (or are welded) along their length.

For high quality and reliable copper nickel elbow, talk to Shihang team today.

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