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Shihang C71500 Pipe, also called CuNi 70/30 Pipe or Cupro Nickel 70/30 Pipe, is an alloy of 30% Ni, 0.7% Fe, 1.0% Mn and Cu (rem%).  It is a world class quality C71500 Pipe with excellent pitting, corrosion, stress, erosion, creep and oxidation resistance.

Shihang C71500 Pipes are a perfect choice for applications in high pressures, temperature, destructive turbulence, and velocity.

Shihang C71500 Pipe is suitable for many applications such as marine, offshore, power generation, gas processing, pharmaceutical, sea water equipment, pulp/paper, condensers, heat exchangers, chemical processing, etc.

C71500 Pipes

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C71500 Pipes Standard

C71500 Pipes

C71500 Pipes

Shihang C71500 Pipes come in different specifications, dimensions, and grades, according to the ASME B36.19 M, DIN 86019, EEMUA 144 and MIL-T-16420 standards.

Shihang clients can choose C71500 Welded Pipe, with OD 457mm (or more), or C71500 seamless pipes having OD 16mm to 419mm.

Shihang C71500 Pipe is popular for easy weldability and formability, with either plain or beveled ends. Dimensions of Shihang C71500 Pipes vary from ½ inches to 24 inches NB and OD in distinctive thickness, while pressure ratings conform to the DIN86019, EEMUA 144, ASME B36.10M and MIL-T-16420 standards.

As a leading supplier of copper nickel pipes, we offer an extensive selection of C71500 alloy pipes.

We have a range of C71500 pipes in stock. Shihang has high-tech C71500 pipes manufacturing machines such as 300T Hydraulic Elongator, 55KN Direct Extrusion Press, 35KN Indirect Extrusion Press, OTTO JUNKER Furnace, etc.

We have modern testing equipment including Hydrostatical testing machine, Tensile strength testing machine and German brand Spectrograph for accurate testing of C71500 chemical composition.

Our quality control process begins from raw material for manufacturing C71500 Pipe to inspecting final product.

Shihang is a trusted C71500 Pipe manufacturer and among the few companies producing seamless copper nickel pipes with OD 419mm.

For normal C71500 Pipe orders, Shihang can supply pipes within 30 days. We also use seaworthy wooden case packing, protecting C71500 Pipe during shipping and transportation.

Contact Shihang today, for a custom C71500 Pipe solution.

C70600 Pipes

C71500 Pipes Specifications

C70600 Pipes

C71500 Pipes chemical composition

C70600 Pipes

C71500 Pipes Material Properties

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