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C28000 Tube
C28000 Tube
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C28000 Tube
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C28000 Tube
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Shihang C28000 Tube

Shihang c28000 tube is sometimes referred to as Muntz Metal that contains 40% zinc and 60% copper. The color of the c28000 tube is essentially that of architectural bronze. Shihang c28000 tube is made of a large portion of beta grains. So, it provides harder, stronger, and more rigid than brasses of lesser zinc content.

The offered tube works harden rapidly, less adapted to cold work. But, it may be formed or bent readily enough. Shihang c28000 tube is widely used in architectural applications, signage, and condenser plates.

Shihang c28000 tube has excellent bending and flaring properties, drawability, and is suitable for plating. It is applicable to the curtain rod, heat exchanger, sanitary tube, antenna rods, parts for different machinery, and apparatuses, and many more.

Shihang c28000 tubes are available in an extensive range of colors such as red, yellow, silver, and gold, etc. The colored tubes can be easily shaped. So, it is commonly used by architects and designers to improve the outside and inside appearance of buildings.

Shihang c28000 tube dimensions come with standard or customize. For the customized sizes, shapes, dimensions of the c28000 tube, you can send us your detailed requirements.

Additionally, Shihang offers different shapes for the c28000 tube for you. They are round, square, flat, hexagonal, oval, half-round, or customized.

In China, Shihang is the top manufacturer, supplier, exporter, and trader of the c28000 tube for two decades. We are the largest independent stockholder and stockist of the c28000 tube based on competitive rates. Our clients became our life-long partners for the business. Be one of our satisfied clients. They are now big-time in handling a business.

No matter what your application is, Shihang won’t be disappointed you. With our experience and ability in the manufacturing industry, you are assured that you can get Shihang c28000 tube with the highest quality.

Shihang is always maintaining the highest level of quality regarding on finished products to passed various tests to meet the international standards.

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C28000 Tube: The Complete FAQ Guide

This guide covers everything you would like to learn about C28000 tubes.

With the information in this guide, you can easily choose a perfect copper alloy tube for your unique applications.

Keep reading to learn more.

What is a C28000 Tube?

C28000 tube refers to a tube whose chemical elements are copper and zinc with varying proportions.

The compound gives it the necessary strength and color for use in various sectors.

These applications include architectural applications and condenser plates.

C28000 tube

 C28000 Tube

What are the Drawbacks of using C208000 Tubes?

Among the drawbacks you will experience when using C28000 tubes are:

The main drawback of using C28000 tubes is the cost.

Due to their unique properties, C28000 tubes are slightly expensive compared to other types of tubes.

This implies that you need high investment capital when purchasing these tubes.

What are the Characteristics of C28000 Tubes?

The characteristics of C28000 tubes that make them fit for their versatile use include:

  • Anti-wear
  • Highly ductile
  • Unique color
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Thermal and electrical conductivity
  • machinability

Which Fittings can you use on C28000 Tubes?

C28000 tubes are compatible with a variety ofpipe fittings including:

· Pipe Elbow

A pipe elbow is available in 45- and 90-degree angles, which determine the direction you want your fluid to flow.

You can select between a short radius pipe elbow and a long radius pipe elbow depending on the size of your C28000 pipe.

You also have a reducing elbow, which reduces the size of a piping system and fluid flow direction.

The design of a reducing elbow is such that its diameter reduces as you move along the arc.

The reduction of diameter minimizes flow resistance as well as turbulence.

· Pipe Bends

The main aim of this type of fitting is to give room for uneven expansion of the fluid.

You can have a long radius bend and a short radius bend.

· Pipe Tee

The function of a pipe tee is to collect or distribute fluid flowing from a run pipe.

A pipe tee is available as either straight or reducing tee.

A straight tee has equal diameter along its length while a reducing tee has varying diameter along the length.

Other types of tees include wye tee and barred tee,

· Cross

A cross has a four-way cross-section on its surface resembling a cross.

It can feature an inlet and three outlets or three inlets and one outlet.

There function to distribute or collect fluid from a piping system.

· Pipe Caps

Their function is to cover pipe ends, which minimize fluid loss as a result of leakages.

You can also use them in pipes where there are future connections.

What are the End Designs for C28000 Tubes?

You have three main C28000 tube end designs.

That is threaded, welded, and beveled end designs.

The choice of which end design to use depends on the configuration of the piping system.

A threaded end is common due to ease of use and availability.

Its use is mainly in pipes with a small diameter and whose flow is under low pressure.

It features tapered grooves which can either be male or female.

Beveled end designs are not perpendicular to the C28000 tube surface, but instead, they are at an angle.

In standard cases, the angle is 37.5 degrees, but you can have other beveled angles depending on your specification.

A beveled end design is standard in pipe and sewage nipple connection.

Plain end design has its end surface perpendicular to the C28000 tube surface.

There are no threads on marking on its end.

The use of plain end works best together with either a socket weld flange or a slip-on flange.

When using either beveled or plain end, you have to weld the joining section to offer a tight grip.

C28000 Tubes

C28000 Tubes

What are the Connecting Options for C28000 Tubes?

C28000 tubes connection can either be through welding or screws, depending on the joining ends.

The application of a welding option to connect C28000 tubes is when you have either beveled or plain ends.

If the opposite ends are plain, you have to fit them into each other before welding.

When welding, you have to do it around the joint to ensure you have tight welding.

Beveled ends depend on the beveled angle.

In most cases, it is 37.5 degrees; however, you can have a customized angle.

You have to fit the tube angle on the other end, weld it around the joint.

Ensure you check on the tightness of the connection before you start using it.

Connecting through screwing is possible if your C28000 tube has a threaded end.

Before screwing, you need to check on the gender of the threads.

That is either male or female, and they should fit opposite to each other.

You have to check on the size of the thread to ensure you have the correct size.

Once you have everything in order, you screw the ends in an anti-clockwise direction till you have a grip connection.

Which Welding Methods can you use on C28000 Tubes?

Proper welding minimizes leakages while ensuring you have a tight connection.

Conventional welding methods that you can apply on C28000 tubes are:

  • Tungsten inert gas welding
  • Metal inert gas welding
  • Resistance welding
  • Manual metal arc welding

What is the Maximum Length of C28000 Tubes?

The maximum standard length of a C28000 tube is 6 meters.

However, other lengths of C28000 tubes are available depending on your requirements.

`Which Flanges can you use on C28000 Tubes?

C28000 tubes are compatible with several flanges.

Among these flanges include:

What is the Compound Composition of C28000 tubes?

The main elements in C28000 tubes are zinc, which is 40% and copper, which is 60%.

Seamless C28000 Tubes

Seamless C28000 tube

How do you Select C28000 Tubes?

You have to consider several factors when deciding which C28000 tubes to use for your applications.

This prevents the use of inappropriate tubes, which can cause damage to your application.

These factors are:

· End Designs

The end design is a critical aspect when selecting your C28000 tube.

Such a design should correspond to that of your piping system and fit correctly.

For instance, if your piping system has a threaded end, you need to have a threaded tube end.

For a threaded end, you have to select opposite genders, that is, a male for a female end.

· C28000 Tube Dimensions

Critical dimensions include the length and diameter of the C28000 tube.

The diameter helps in knowing which size to fit on your application while the length gives a proper fix of the piping system.

Selecting an improper diameter may cause leakages or the tube not fitting on your piping system.

· Pressure and Temperature

Having the correct operating pressure and temperature for your C28000 tube minimizes bursting.

This is a result of high pressure flowing or having a high-temperature expansion.

The correct operating temperature and pressure should be in the range of that of your piping application.

·  Quality Standards

The C28000 tube you select should meet all the quality standard requirements.

This assures you of quality service as well as the durability of your tubes.

Check if a particular C28000 tube meets all the specified quality standards, including those of your local certification authorities.

· Cost

you need to select a C28000 tube that you can afford.

That involves checking for the best price from different manufacturers.

However, cost should not be the only guiding factor when selecting a C28000 tube.

The ideal tube should adhere to all the quality regulations governing the C28000 tube, including quality standards.

How do you Measure the Diameter of C28000 tubes?

The inner and outer diameter is vital when determining the diameter of C28000 tubes.

For you to get an accurate measurement, you have to use a well-calibrated tape measurement.

The process involves first getting the circumference of the inner part of the tube and then calculating the diameter from the circumference.

You then repeat this on the outer side of the tube to get the outer diameter.

The inner and outer diameter helps in finding the thickness of your C28000 tubes. The diameter also

helps when determining the size of the tube to use on your application.

What are the Quality Standards for C28000 Tubes?

Quality C28000 tubes must meet the requirements of the following quality standards:

  • ASME B36
  • BS 2875
  • EN CW509L
  • ASTM B36
  • CZ109

How do you Test the Quality of C28000 Tubes?

Quality testing not only ensures that you get the best C28000 tubes, but you also have durable tubes.

The production process of C28000 tubes subjects them to the following quality tests:

· Ultrasonic Test

This test helps in determining flaws such as defects and cracks on a C28000 tube.

The two types of ultrasonic tests available include contact ultrasonic test and immersion ultrasonic test.

It is an ideal method since it is non-hazardous and does not react with the tube.

However, the manual procedure makes it a slow process to use.

· Hydraulic Test

The essence of a hydraulic test is to analyze the pressure limits of a given C28000 tube.

This helps in understanding which tube to use on a given application.

It also helps to understand the strength of a given tube and the presence of any leakages.

· Eddy Current Test

It is an alternative test to ultrasonic test and helps in detecting the presence of any flaws such as cracks on a C28000 tube.

It involves passing an electric current through the tube using wire coils.

· Radiographic Test

A radiographic test analyzes the internal structure of a C28000 tube.

For useful analysis, you can use machine methods such as X-rays to analyze the surface structure properly.

Which Surface Finishing options are available for C28000 Tubes?

The essence of surface finishing C28000 tubes is to improve their appearance and durability.

They also improve individual properties of C28000 tubes, such as chemical resistance and thermal conductivity.

When selecting an ideal surface finishing method to use, you have to consider, among others the following factors:

  • The speed of the surface finishing method
  • The cost-effectiveness of the surface finishing method
  • The hardness of the C28000 tube. The harder, the C28000 tube, the intensive the surface finishing method you need to apply.
  • Vulcanization effect.

The main surface finishes for C28000 tubes are:

· Hot Blackening

This involves the spread of black oxide on the C28000 tube surface resulting in a matte black surface finish.

This finish has a high resistance to abrasion.

He application of this method requires high temperature.

It is an ideal surface finishing for C28000 tubes whose use is in heavy industries.

· Powder Coating

Powder coating involves the melting of dry plastic powder on the surface of C28000 tubes to form a glossy coat.

It is an ideal surface finishing option for removal of surface defects on C28000 tubes.

· Sandblasting

Sandblasting produces a uniform matte surface on C28000 tubes.

It involves pressurizing steel shots, sand, or metal pellets onto the surface of a C28000 tube.

The resulting surface has a smooth texture.

· Buff Polishing

This method uses a clothed machine to buff the surface of your C28000 tubes resulting in a glossy sheen.

It is, however, not an effective method due to the limitation of the cloth wheel range.

What is Muntz Metal?

A Muntz metal refers to an alloy of zinc and copper.

It is another name for C28000 metals.

How do you Cut a C28000 Tube?

You can easily cut C28000 tubes using a traditional cutting machine.

Considerations for the choice of cutting machine include:

  • The cutting rate
  • The end condition of C28000 tube
  • the source of the production of C28000 tube whether inhouse or purchasing it
  • the type of stock material whether it is coil stock or random length

Standard cutting methods include:

· Sawing

It is an easy to use method but not highly recommended due to several shortcomings.

There are two sawing methods that you can use; band sawing and cold sawing.

Sawing is relatively cheaper compared to other cutting techniques, and they are ideal for large volumes of C28000 tubes.

The blades, however, do not leave a uniform cutting surface on the C28000 tube.

It is also not recommended on thin-walled C28000 tubes since sawing easily distorts them.

· Lathe Cutting

This method uses a rotary cutting head to cut a stationary C28000 tube by rotating around it.

As it cuts, it performs external and internal chamfering on the tube.

Two types of lathe cutting are standard lathe and rotary lathe.

It is an ideal option to use on round C28000 tubes.

· Rotary Cutting

The cutting process involves holding the C28000 tube in position using backup rollers and cutting it using a rotary cutting wheel.

It is an ideal method if you want to cut a coil of C28000 tube that you can uncoil and straighten while the cutting takes place.

Its main advantage is the high cutting rate, which reduces the overall time.

· Dual Blade Shear Cutting

This method uses double blades to cut your C28000 tubes.

A clamp dies the tube in position during the cutting process.

It is an ideal method for cutting rectangular or square C28000 tubes

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