ASTM B111 C71500 Tube

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ASTM B111 C71500 Seamless Copper Nickel Tubes

They are applicable to the curtain rod, heat exchanger, sanitary tube, antenna rods, parts for different machinery, and apparatuses, and many more.

C71500 Tube

We can manufacture different sizes, thicknesses, and grades for c71500 tubes from seamless to welded tubes.

Marking C44300
C27200 Tube

These tubes possess an excellent capacity for being cold worked. However, it is not adaptable to be hot worked.

Marking C44300
C68700 Tube

C68700 Tube provides harder, stronger, and more rigid than brasses of lesser zinc content.

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Shihang ASTM B111 C71500 Tube

Common Name: Cupronickel
Description: 70-30 Copper-Nickel
Type: Wrought
Common use: Condensers, condesner tubesheets and tubing, heat exchanger tubing, salt water piping, ferrules


ASTM B111 C71500 Tube Chemical Composition

Elements Composition, %
Cu, incl. Ag Balance
Ni, incl. Co 29.0-33.0
Pb 0.05 max
Fe 0.40-1.0
Zn 1
Mn 1.0 max
Other named elements

ASTM B111 C71500 Tube Mechanical Properties

Copper or Copper Alloy UNS No. Temper Designation Annealing temperature, °C Tensile Strength, min Yield Strength, min HV Elongation, min%
Code Name ksi Mpa ksi Mpa
C71500 O60 Soft anneal 650-815 45 310 15 105 87 30
M30 Hard-drawn 70 310-360 18 125 30
H01 1/8 Hard cold-worked 45 310-450 18-50 125-345 10-20
H04 Hard cold tempered 70-80 485-550 55-60 380-415 8-10


ASTM B111 C71500 Tube Physical Properties



Copper or Copper Alloy UNS No. Melting Point Density Coefficients of Linear Thermal Expansion Specific Heat Capacity Thermal Conductivity
°C °F lb/in3 g/cm3 1×10-6/°C @ 20.0 – 30.0 °C 1×10-6/°F @ 70.0 – 570 °F cal/g-°C, 20 °C BTU/lb-°F @ 70°F W/m-K, 20 °C BTU/ft2/ft/h/°F @ 70°F
C71500 2140 – 2260 2010-2100 0.323 8.94 16.2 9 0.09 0.09 29 17

When it comes to your ASTM B111 c71500 tube needs, Shihang is always ready to help you get the right and reliable solutions. We designed and engineered ASTM B111 c71500 tubes with different sizes and thicknesses.




Our ASTM B111 c71500 tubes are ideal for marine and industrial applications. You can use our ASTM B111 c71500 tubes for evaporator tubes, pump impellers, distiller tubes, heat exchanger tubes, refrigerators, valve bodies, condenser plates, and more.

Shihang ASTM B111 c71500 tubes are great for seawater since they offer excellent corrosion resistance in marine saltwater environments. Also, they contain 10 or 30 percent nickel. This tube maintains its strength at elevated temperatures better than the brasses or copper.

We add important addition of manganese and iron in manufacturing Shihang ASTM B111 c71500 tubes to maintain good corrosion. As the top supplier and manufacturer, we can supply different sizes, diameters, and lengths for ASTM B111 c71500 tubes.

We can also fabricate and distribute custom ASTM B111 c71500 tubes depending on your specific requirements. We can adjust the length or size for your ASTM B111 c71500 tubes to your specifications. Send us your detailed requirements and let Shihang will do the rest for you!

You can avail of our Shihang ASTM B111 C71500 tube cut to your specifications through our precision bar saws, plate saws, shears, and water jets.

Shihang has rich and broad experience in ASTM B111 C71500 tube manufacturing. We have more than 20 years of expertise and professionalism in this industry.

Shihang is a certified ISO9001 supplier and manufacturer in China, with many other certifications obtained such as SGS, UL, CE, and more. We ensure the inspection of the quality of the products before delivering them to you.

Whether you`re a supplier, distributor, or a custom trading company, Shihang is the answer or solution to boom your business. We are looking forward to a business partner investor for our business.

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