ASTM B111 C68700 Tube

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ASTM B111 C68700 Tubes
ASTM B111 C68700 Tube
SB111 C68700 Tubes

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ASTM B111 C68700 Tube
UNS C68700 Tubes

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ASTM B111 C68700 Tube
B111 UNS C68700 Tubes

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ASTM B111 C68700 Tube
C68700 Aluminum Brass Tubes

Shihang is professional in fabricating different sizes, dimensions, and shapes for C68700 Aluminum Brass Tubes

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Shihang ASTM B111 C68700 Tube

B111 C68700
Common Name: Special brasses
Description: Cu-Zn + Mn, Si, Al, etc.
Type: Wrought
Common use: Condenser, heat exchange tubes, evaopratr tubes

ASTM B111 C68700 Chemical Composition

Chemical Composition
Elements Composition, %
Cu, incl. Ag 76.0-79.0
Al 1.8-2.5
Ni, incl. Co
Pb 0.07 max
Fe 0.06 max
Zn Balance
Mn 0.02-0.06
Other named elements

ASTM B111 C68700 Mechanical Properties

Copper or Copper Alloy UNS No. Temper Designation Annealing temperature, °C Tensile Strength, min Yield Strength, min HV
Code Name ksi Mpa ksi Mpa
C68700 O61 Annealed above 650 50 345 18 125 150


As a one-stop supplier, Shihang can manufacture a wide range of c68700 tubes in different specifications like ASTM B111. This specification establishes the requirements for ferrule stock and a seamless tube of copper alloys of a specified range of diameters.

Shihang ASTM B111 c68700 tubes are manufactured by extrusion, drawing, casting, annealing, straightening, and trimming processes. This could make our seamless ASTM B111 c68700 tubes in specified conditions.

ASTM B111 C68700 Tubes

Our ASTM B111 c68700 tube is widely used in the surface condenser, heat exchanger, and evaporators. They offer high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, and good creep resistance at elevated temperatures.

Shihang is one of the biggest ASTM B111 c68700 tubes manufacturer, supplier, exporter, and distributor in China for 20 years. We are supplying ASTM B111 c68700 tubes to the leading copper tube industry around the world.

We have full capabilities to fabricate and design ASTM B111 c68700 tube including production, finishing, design, warehousing, and sourcing. We will always give you the best solution for your requirements.

For over 2 decades of manufacturing experience and services, we know effective techniques in able to create high-quality ASTM B111 c68700 tubes. You should never worry about the quality of the products since it is manufactured from high-end raw materials.

We are glad to supply your needs whatever the sizes, shapes, dimensions you want for ASTM B111 c68700 tubes. Shihang will help you with all your ASTM B111 c68700 tubes necessities. Thus, we fabricate the widest options of ASTM B111 c68700 tubes for you.

You can avail of our ASTM B111 c68700 tubes at friendly and inexpensive prices. We will continue to improve our ways of expanding our selection of STM B111 c68700 tubes to make you fully satisfied. We will make your business boost up to the top level.

If you desire a long-lasting business for ASTM B111 c68700 tubes products, then consider Shihang as your trusted manufacturer, supplier, and distributor.

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