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7060X Flat Bars

Different standards are available. ASTM B151, UNS C70600, DIN 2.0872.

7060X Hexagonal Bars

We can provide you 7060X hexagonal bars manufactured with excellent grade materials.

7060X Square Bar

For your 7060X square bar needs, you can always rely on Shihang.

7060X Rectangular Bar

Avail of our 7060X rectangular bar in different sizes at the best prices.

Related Products of 7060X Round Bar

Shihang Cuni 90/10 round bar, named as Cupro Nickel 90/10 round bar is widely used in different industrial applications. Check out our Shihang CuNi 90/10 round bars.
Shihang C71500 round bars can be engineered and used for manufacturing tubing and seamless pipe used in military, oil drilling, and other applications.
Shihang C70600 round bars are a combination of toughness and high ductility that makes them more popular grades among other grades.
Shihang is your reliable and one-stop solution for CuNi round bar you need.

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  • EN 10204 3.1 Certificate
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Shihang 7060X Round Bars

If you are looking for the utmost quality CuNi round bars, then you are in the right place. Whether you are looking for CuNi round bars in different grades such as 7060X round bars, C71500 round bars, C70600 round bars, Shihang offers a complete solution for you.

Shihang 7060X round bars are made from Cu, Pb, Fe, Zn, P, S, Ni, and Mn in different proportions. These bars are EEMUA 144 compliant.

The Shihang 7060X round bar has very good resistance to brine water, seawater, organic compound, diluted non-oxidizing acids, salts, and so on. We put small content of manganese into our 7060X round bars to allow excellent resistance to sea and brackish water.

If you desire a resistance to aqueous corrosion round bars, CuNi 70/30 (C71500) round bar is the best. You can check our C71500 round bar we offer.

Shihang 7060X round bar is widely used in marine, automotive, plumbing, and industrial applications. You can use Shihang 7060X round bar to fabricate into different products like flanges, water hoses, condenser plates, valve bodies, and many more.

Whether you are a 7060X round bar distributor, retailer, or a custom factory, Shihang is always your best choice. We seek to deal with you with the best Shihang 7060X round bar standard that aligns with your particular needs.

Shihang is capable to manufacture a wide range of 7060X round bar as we have a manufacturing facility and high-tech testing. We implement strict control with certifications for all our 7060X round bars.

You can count on Shihang for all your 7060X round bar needs as we have high-quality CuNi round bars, made from the finest copper-nickel alloy, at competitive prices.

For any grade of round bars, contact Shihang now, we will provide you the best 7060X round bar solution. Shihang has rich experienced in sales industries and provides an online services website for your online sourcing.

To benefit from our 20 years’ manufacturing experience, please send us your inquiry right away!

You can also send the inquiry to email: sales@shshihang.com directly.

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